Chris Paul on PTI: Class Act

May 2, 2008

Today on PTI, the guys spent Five Good Minutes with Chris Paul, asking him to reflect on his series against the mavs.  Chris was given every opportunity to take a little bit of the spotlight but instead spent the entire time saying how great his teammates are.  After the interview I thought to myself that Chris is one hell of a class act.

For 3+ years I have had “Starbury” as my starting PG.  This guy has/had all the talent in the world but couldnt get past his ego and ultimately couldnt get past the first round of the playoffs.  I’ll admit that I was excited when Isiah traded for him.  Marbury was an exciting, talented player from NY that had the chance to resurrect the team.  But in the world of Starbury nothing comes before Stephon.  He put up some nice numbers but the knicks got worse and worse after every year.

Being a PG takes a certain kind of mentality.  Share first and make your teammates better.  Take over when necessary, when your team needs you to carry them on your back.  Chris Paul thinks like this and I can’t help but wonder if Chris Paul’s last name was Marbury, he would have nicknamed himself teambury not starbury.  yeah that was cheesy but you get my drift.


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