Box Score Insights Feb 23

February 24, 2008

Pacers vs. Nets

  • Jermaine Oneal didnt play. Big deal. Does that guy have any promise left? I would say NO
  • Jefferson had 36 points tonight. Hes has played well on the Nets but cant see him playing as well for any other team. Consumate good player on bad team
  • Marcus Williams had 13 assists. Too bad he loses his PT once Devin Harris starts playin

Heat vs. Philadelphia

  • Another solid game for Andre Miller (24 pts and 9 assists)
  • Marion had only 4 pts. Gross. Think he misses Nash yet?
  • Why dont the heat just shut Wade down for the season?

Denver vs. Milwaukee

  • when AI was traded to Denver, he said this was the most talented team he had ever been on. So why are they tied with the Bucks towards the end of the 3rd quarter?
  • Is Carmelo the Gen Y Glen Robinson? Scores nice but just doesnt do much else to make his teammates better
  • What if the bucks drafted Chris Paul with the first draft pick instead of Andrew Bogut? Bogut is ok but not worthy of the number 1 pick