This afternoon I checked RealGM and saw that Kidd was traded to Dallas. WOW. As a huge NBA Fan, I was thrilled by this trade. Kidd, Terry, Howard, Dirk and Dampier make for a pretty nasty starting five. They are a starting five that fans want to see play together. They are a starting five that makes Lebron mad because his team didnt make the move for Kidd. Its a starting five that likely has George Karl and Greg Popovich nervous because they know that Dallas can win a championship this year with Kidd (and they know next year belongs to the lakers).

People that love the game know that Kidd is more than a playmaker who makes the game easier for his teammates. Kidd has the making of a winner. He has the mental fortitude that Dirk will never have. He gets punched in the mouth and, unlike the 18-1 Patriots, he punches back. He is probably the only player that can carry the Mavs players past their disastrous experiences in the playoffs the past 2 years.

So just as I was getting excited about the prospects of Kidd on Dallas, the shit hits the fan. As reported by ESPN, DeLoser George – a never was who is averaging under 4 points a game and less than 3 boards a game this year – vetoed the trade. Apparently DeLoser has a trade veto clause in his contract giving him the right to veto any trade to any team. So DeLoser gets to stay on the Mavs and his agent gets to pat himself on the back for a job well done. Meanwhile, the real losers in this non trade are, as usual, the fans. We are now forced to continue watching kidd decline in jersey and we have to watch a very good mavs team that no one really thinks can win it all (the scars of the past 2 seasons will never heal on their own. Ever.). That kind of sucks for us, dont you think?

Hey DeLoser George, thanks!

J Kidd – I hope you get out of that hell hole. Even in the glory years in NJ you never had the real fan support you needed. You deserve better. For the record, you should have played with duncan when you had the chance.

Lebron – for selfish reasons I hope you dont force management to get Kidd. I want to see you on the knicks in 2010.