I check RealGM religiously because it provides exactly what I want from an NBA site – a summary of the most interesting headlines from around the league. If the headline grabs me then ill read the rest. Simple, easy, fun.

Today I decided to write down my reactions to the RealGM headlines of the day.


Marion Questions Teammates’ Desire: The Heat are probably one of the top 5 worst teams in the league with no hope for salvaging this season. Their best player should be healing from injuries instead of playing and the rest of the team’s talent is questionable. Given this, how can Marion be surprised by their lack of desire? What are his teammates even playing for right now? Marion should really just keep his mouth shut because he looks like a fool. He was on a team that was a legit championship contender with arguably the best PG in the league running the show. Sadly he couldnt suck it up and figure out how to play with Amare, essentially forcing a trade to the Heat. Now he has to live with the results of his actions. Careful what you wish for Mr. Marion

Riley Talking about Shutting Down Wade: It’s about fucking time. G d forbid Wade suffers from a career threatening injury while trying to play when hes not 100%. The Heat have nothing to play for right now and should shut Wade down immediately. Seriously dont understand what the dilemma is here.

Isiah Thinks He’ll Be Back Next Year: This season has been depressing enough for Knick fans without Isiah reminding us that he will be back next year. I cant wait to see how he fucks our team up even more next year.

Johnson Stands By Decision to Sit Kidd: What a moron. Mark Cuban’s lawyers are examining Johnson’s contract as we speak looking for a “The Coach is a Moron” clause that will allow him to terminate Johnson’s contract for cause. I dont care what anyone says – you dont trade for Jason Kidd and then sit him for the last two possessions of a 1 possession game. Johnson should just man up and admit he fucked up.


Box Score Insights Feb 23

February 24, 2008

Pacers vs. Nets

  • Jermaine Oneal didnt play. Big deal. Does that guy have any promise left? I would say NO
  • Jefferson had 36 points tonight. Hes has played well on the Nets but cant see him playing as well for any other team. Consumate good player on bad team
  • Marcus Williams had 13 assists. Too bad he loses his PT once Devin Harris starts playin

Heat vs. Philadelphia

  • Another solid game for Andre Miller (24 pts and 9 assists)
  • Marion had only 4 pts. Gross. Think he misses Nash yet?
  • Why dont the heat just shut Wade down for the season?

Denver vs. Milwaukee

  • when AI was traded to Denver, he said this was the most talented team he had ever been on. So why are they tied with the Bucks towards the end of the 3rd quarter?
  • Is Carmelo the Gen Y Glen Robinson? Scores nice but just doesnt do much else to make his teammates better
  • What if the bucks drafted Chris Paul with the first draft pick instead of Andrew Bogut? Bogut is ok but not worthy of the number 1 pick