Its half time right now in game 5.  The suns are down 3-1 in series that could have easily been 2-2 at this point had duncan missed that 3.  But its game 5 and the suns are facing elimination.  They are down by 9 at the half which isn’t a huge deficit to overcome.  The big problem – Nash has recorded 0 assists so far.

None.  0.  Its amazing but in a bad way.  Even the Big Aristotle has 1 assist.  This number worries me.  Some might argue that the suns are in good shape here.  afterall, nash wont got the whole game without having an assist so things should only get better.  I understand that point and I want to believe it but I have become jaded.  Nash is a 2 time MVP and 1 of the best PGs ever.  His teams window to win a championship is rapidly closing and each year its getting that much harder.  in this must win game he has to step it up.

call me a pessimist but it just doesnt look good.  its a damn shame too.