RealGM, ESPN and others are reporting that Golden State has agreed to sign Chris Webber for the remainder of the season. This makes perfect sense for so many reasons:

  • Chris is a proven winner. In his heyday, he couldn’t lead the kings past the lakers. He is mentally weak and hasnt shown a love for the game in years
  • Chris will fit in well with the Golden State style. Ha! Watching him in the playoffs last year against the Cavs, it was clear that Webber could barely move. Playing for a run and gun team like the Warriors is a disaster in the making.
  • Chris is a “team” guy. Double Ha. Off the top of my head, he has played for golden state, the bullets/wizards, sac town, 76ers and detroit. At every stop he complained, whined and cried about his role with the team. My favorite was when he told Jim Obrien that he “doesnt do the low post thig anymore.”

I guess what I am saying is that this move doesnt make sense. The warriors are playing pretty good ball right now and are a respectable 27-18, good for the 7th best record in the west. Bringing in a washed up power forward for extra depth doesnt work. It didnt work last year when the pistons signed webber and it wont work this year with golden state either. If I was a warriors fan, I would rather go to war without C-Webb.

Thank G d the Knicks werent one of the teams he would play for……