Zach R and Isiah T (aka Worst Coach Ever or WCE for short) just cant get along.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Zach is unhappy with WCE’s decision to go small against Golden State. In the Golden State game, Zach and Eddy C played a total of 13 minutes together – Gross! Sure part of this had to do with foul trouble but a lot of it had to do with WCE reacting to Nelly’s small ball approach.

When asked if he agreed with WCE’s decision to go small, Zach said: “Nah, that ain’t the right way. The right way – how I know, coaches I had in the NBA and in college – they tell me we don’t care how we match up, they gotta match up to us. That’s what I learned playing in the NBA and college.”

As a Knicks fan, it is so refreshing to see this kind of thinking from one of our players. Sadly, the Knicks have no identity and this is all because of WCE. WCE traded for Zach so that he could pair him with Curry and have a monster front line. As a fan, I bought into it – especially after our home opener against the Nuggets when Zach and Eddy were incredible together. Since that game, however, WCE has slowly but surely abandoned the concepts of team identity and team chemistry.

Regarding playing Zach and Eddy together – Why not give it a full season to see if it works? Give them the chance to develop some game time chemistry please. Messing with the lineups and giving them sporadic minutes does nothing except ruin chemistry and piss the players off (not to mention the fans). Please, just please, give some stability to the fans. We are smart enough to understand that teams go through down years. All we want, and all the players want, is a solid game plan that we can all rally around.

Zach obviously cant coach the knicks but hopefully we will find someone that can. I want a coach that will stick with his lineups for a whole season (barring injury); someone that will rally the players and fans around the GMs game plan; someone that will skillfully navigate NBA egos and get the most out of his players; and someone that the players will actually respect. Too bad there isnt a way to trade for Gregg Popovich.